CEL Launches New UV-C LEDs for Medical, Industrial and Consumer Sterilization and Disinfection Applications

CEL CL7001C3 CL7002C3 CL7003C2

CEL announced a new family of Deep UltraViolet (UV-C) LEDs for a wide range of sterilization and disinfection applications including consumer goods such as self-disinfecting holders for toothbrushes and kitchen utensils as well as sterilizing wands for items such as smartphones, tablets and keyboards. Other applications include water treatment, sterilization of medical equipment and disinfection of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

CEL - CL7001C3, CL7002C3, CL7003C2

CEL’s UV-C LED’s features include an emitting wavelength of 275 nm, which is a particularly effective wavelength in the UV-C spectrum at killing bacteria for sterilization applications. In addition, CEL’s devices provide high efficiency with long lifetimes that have been lacking in competitor offerings. For example, CEL’s 3 mW output version, with a 25 mA current requirement, has a lifetime exceeding 10,000 Hours. CEL LEDs consist of a cutting edge AlGaN chip in a very high thermal conductive 3.5 mm × 3.5 mm ceramic package with a shielded transmittance glass lid.

This new CEL LED family includes the CL7001C3, CL7002C3 and the CL7003C2 with output powers of 3 mW, 10 mW and 30 mW, respectively.

CEL’s UV-C LEDs are available for shipment globally through Digi-Key Electronics, the worldwide electronic component distributor.

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