Elmos: Highly integrated, programmable motor controller for controlling BLDC, Stepper and DC motors

Elmos E523.42

E523.42: Elmos' first motor controller ASSP with integrated 32-bit ARM® Cortex®

With the E523.42, Elmos presents a highly integrated motor controller, enabling its customers to realize a powerful and cost-effective implementation of motor control for 12 V automotive applications. The IC combines a 32-bit ARM® Cortex® M0 microcontroller and an analog motor driver in a small QFN 5×5 package. The three integrated half bridges allow the direct control of motors with 600 mA each (RMS) and in boost mode even with up to 1 A phase current.

Elmos - E523.42

The IC can drive either a three-phase BLDC motor, a three-phase stepper motor, or up to two conventional DC motors. Possible applications include: actively controlled louvers, water valves or small and medium fans, for example in car seats.

The sophisticated system concept of the E523.42 offers all peripherals to realize a sensorless commutation. In addition to a measuring system, which is directly coupled to the PWM generator, other peripherals such as timers, interrupt controllers, SPI and intelligent half-bridges with diagnostic function as well as an external power supply for sensors are integrated into the IC.

The LIN 2.2 interface with autobaud and auto-addressing functionality enables integration into existing LIN bus systems.

With the combination of a microcontroller and an integrated power amplifier, the E523.42 enables cost-optimized systems for actuators and fan applications.

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