16-port G.fast Stackable Single-chip Solution

Broadcom BCM65450

Broadcom’s BCM65450 multimode DSL transceivers are the industry’s most advanced and most flexible solutions for DSLAM, MDU and DPU deployments. Both DSP and AFE functionalities are integrated into a single device.

16-port G.fast Stackable Single-chip Solution

The BCM65450 is a multichannel SoC supporting all VDSL, G.fast, and upcoming G.mgfast modes up to a 424 MHz bandwidth, and all VDSL profiles up to 35b. Multiline CPE device mode is also available.


  • 16p G.fast 212a single chip solution, stackable up to 48p
  • On chip crosstalk cancelling (vectoring) up to 48p of G.fast 212a
  • QoS and reduced latency features targeting 5G applications
  • G.fastback enables bundling multiple copper lines to achieve multi-gigabit uplink speeds for extending the reach of copper networks
  • Up to 8Gbps throughput using Full Duplex operation
  • Dynamic bandwidth boost for power users
  • Point-to-multipoint support
  • Co/CPE transceiver with integrated AFE for up to 20 lines
  • 16 SerDes, with speeds ranging from 1G up to 25G, for flexible networking interfacing (Ethernet with or without G.999.1), line card-level bonding, and vectoring
  • NTR, PPS, and ToD support
  • 750mW/channel in 16p G.fast 212a mode
  • Advanced system-wide power management features, including integrated DC/DC AVS controller and RPF support
  • 29x29mm Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) with 1033 balls, 0.8mm pitch, and embedded heat spreader
  • 16nm CMOS technology
  • -40C to 85C ambient temperature operation


  • Central Office DSLAM, Cabinet, MDU and DPUs for copper access

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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