New RF power transistors and ultra-wideband Doherty amplifiers for use in next-generation TV broadcast transmitters

Ampleon BLF989E

Ampleon has released the BLF989E RF power transistor, which uses the very latest ninth-generation high-voltage (50 V) LDMOS process technology. The BLF989E has been designed to deliver the highly efficient Doherty amplifiers required by the next generation of UHF TV transmitters.

Ampleon - BLF989E

As the global market leader for RF power transistors in UHF broadcasting applications, Ampleon has developed the BLF989E to support the market demand for more efficient operation of TV transmitters. With a peak power capability in excess of 1 kW, the BLF989E provides an average (DVB-T) output power of 180 W, shrinking the size of digital TV amplifiers by 20%.

Ampleon has also developed an ultra-wideband Doherty (UWD) application circuit for the BLF989E, which can achieve an incredible 50% efficiency. This UWD design means that one single RF amplifier can cover the complete 470 MHz to 700 MHz frequency band used for digital TV transmission, simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing service costs for broadcast network operators.

The BLF989E is a very rugged device that works with digital pre-distortion (DPD) to provide the extremely high linearity required when transmitting digital TV signals with very low bit error rates. This combination of high efficiency and linearity significantly reduces the energy consumed by high-power TV transmitters, saving electricity operating costs, reducing the load on cooling systems and minimising CO2 emissions.

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