HOLTEK New HT68F2420 IR Driver MCU

Holtek HT68F2420

Holtek is delighted to announce its new IR driver MCU, the HT68F2420. This new device is suitable for IR remote controllers and IR transmission related products. As the device includes fully integrated high accuracy oscillators and an IR LED driver circuit, IR applications do not require an external oscillator or drive transistor, thus saving on external component costs and effectively improving production efficiency.

Holtek - HT68F2420

The device includes an internal integrated adjustable IR carrier frequency generator, the generated frequency range of which is 4 kHz to 1 MHz. By using Holtek’s development tool, four common IR carrier frequency options of 36/38/40/56 kHz are provided as well as the internal oscillation frequency which can be adjusted to 3.996/3.99/4.0/3.976 MHz. This effectively reduces the frequency division error making the IR transmitter carrier frequency more compatible with the IR receiver carrier frequency, which will increase the IR transmission distance.

The device has an operating voltage range of 1.8 V~5.5 V. With regards to other system resources, the device has a Flash Program Memory capacity of 1K×13, a Data Memory capacity of 32×8, a 9-bit Timer and a Time Base. The internal high frequency oscillator has a fixed frequency of 4 MHz with an accuracy of up to ±0.4% and an IR LED drive current which can be up to 500 mA. With regards to packaging, the device is supplied in 8-pin SOP, 16-pin NSOP and 20-pin NSOP/SSOP package types.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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