Fully integrated, ultra-compact DC/DC converters feature high-efficiency


Leveraging a multi-patented design that significantly reduces the footprint and height of power-conversion circuitry, Murata has introduced the UltraBK™ family of compact, low-profile, fully integrated DC/DC converters.


The UltraBK™ converters are aimed at space-constrained applications such as IT and network infrastructure equipment. In addition to unprecedented space savings, they deliver high energy efficiency, high reliability, outstanding low-noise performance, and fast transient response.

MYTNC1R86RELA2RA: Simplified Application Circuit
MYTNC1R86RELA2RA: Simplified Application Circuit.

The converters achieve their extremely low height and compact footprint using an innovative two-stage design. This design combines a switched-capacitor charge pump followed by a smaller buck or boost converter with lower-voltage power MOSFETs and reduced output inductance compared to conventional designs. The capacitor network provides almost lossless conversion of the input voltage at any ratio, enabling overall operating efficiency as high as 90.5%. The output inductor is approximately 10 times smaller than for a comparable conventional circuit, allowing the entire converter to fit in a 10.5 mm × 9.0 mm LGA package only 2.1 mm high. Moreover, electromagnetic emission (EMI) is typically 20 dB lower.

MYTNC1R86RELA2RA: Efficiency vs. Output Current
MYTNC1R86RELA2RA: Efficiency vs. Output Current.

Murata is launching the UltraBK™ family by introducing four buck converters that provide a choice of 4 A and 6 A output ratings and the option of a built-in I2C port to allow digital configuration and control. The converters have a wide input voltage range of 6.0 V to 14.4 V, with programmable output voltage from 0.7 V to 1.8 V.

The 4 A MYTNA1R84RELA2RA and 6 A MYTNA1R86RELA2RA, and similar MYTNC1R84RELA2RA and MYTNC1R86RELA2RA with I2C control, are now available from Murata’s distributors.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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