CoolSiC CIPOS Maxi: World's first 1200 V transfer molded IPM with SiC

Infineon IM828-XCC

Infineon Technologies has launched a 1200 V transfer molded silicon carbide (SiC) integrated power module (IPM) and concludes the massive roll-out of SiC solutions for this year. The CIPOS™ Maxi IPM IM828 series is the industry’s first in this voltage class. The series provides a compact inverter solution with an excellent thermal conduction and a wide range of switching speed for three-phase AC motors and permanent magnet motors in variable speed drive applications. Amongst others, these can be found in industrial motor drives, pumps drives, and active filters for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

Infineon - IM828-XCC

The CIPOS Maxi IPM integrates an improved 6-channel 1200 V silicon on insulator (SOI) gate driver and six CoolSiC™ MOSFETs to increase system reliability, optimize PCB size and system costs. The new family member is packaged in a DIP 36×23D housing. This makes it the smallest package for 1200 V IPMs with the highest power density and best performance in its class. The IM828 series features an isolated dual-in-line molded housing for excellent thermal performance and electrical isolation. It meets EMI requirements and overload protection of demanding designs.

The rugged 6-channel SOI gate driver of the SiC IPM provides built-in dead time to prevent damages from transients. It also offers under-voltage lockout (UVLO) at all channels and over current shutdown protection functions. With its multi-function pin, this IPM allows high design flexibility for various purposes. Adding to the protection features, the IPM is equipped with an independent UL-certified temperature thermistor. The low side emitter pins can be accessed for phase current monitoring making the device easy to control.

Infineon - IM828-XCC


The CIPOS Maxi IM828 series can be ordered now. It comprises 20 A IM828-XCC (orderable part number IM828XCCXKMA1) for power ratings of up to 4.8 kW.

The EVAL-M1-IM828-A evaluation board
The EVAL-M1-IM828-A evaluation board.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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