Nexperia launches compact '2 in 1' protection for high-speed data lines


Best-in-class ESD and system robustness for USB3.2 and HDMI2.1

Nexperia announced three new TrEOS protection devices that provide the most compact method to suppress ESD in USB3.2, HDMI2.1 and other high-speed data lines. The new PUSB3BB2DF, PESD5V0C2BDF, PESD4V0Z2BCDF devices provide best-in-class ESD protection and system robustness by combining high RF performance with very low clamping and very high surge capability.


The new parts combine two TrEOS protection diodes in one miniature DFN0603-3 package – effectively delivering two diodes in the footprint of one. As well as saving space, this reduces component count and increases reliability. Also, the package is well-known so there are no unforeseen manufacturing challenges to address.

The new DFN0603-3 device family supports very high-speed data rates, offering a maximum pass-band of above 18 GHz, 50% higher than competing parts. Devices also feature very high surge robustness of up to 11 A 8/20 µs. The 2-in-1 TrEOS protection devices are available now.

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