650 V fast level-shift SOI EiceDRIVER with integrated bootstrap diodes offer superior robustness and fast frequency switching

Infineon 2ED2101 2ED2103 2ED2104 2ED2110S06M

Infineon Technologies broadens its EiceDRIVER™ portfolio with new 650 V half-bridge and high and low side gate drivers. The new devices are based on the company’s unique silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology. They provide leading negative VS transient voltage immunity and monolithic integration of real bootstrap diodes. All these features reduce BOM and enable more robust designs with MOSFETs and IGBTs in a compact form factor. The fast level-shift (FLS) family is tailored for high-frequency applications like SMPS and UPS as well as industrial drives and embedded inverters, home appliances, power tools, motor control for fans and pumps.

Infineon - 2ED2101, 2ED2103, 2ED2104, 2ED2110S06M

The EiceDRIVER 2ED2110S06M is a 2.5 A high current driver, while EiceDRIVER 2ED2101/03/04 are 0.7 A low current drivers. The low current devices are available in, while the 2.5 A driver comes in a DSO-16W package. With 90 ns propagation delays and tight 10 ns maximum delay matching, they support high frequency switching in the 500 kHz range as well as traditional motor control applications. The 2ED2110S06M supports shutdown functionality, separate logic and power ground. The integrated bootstrap diode offers ultra-fast reverse recovery with a typical 30 Ω on resistance.

Negative VS transient voltage immunity of –100 V with repeating 300 ns wide pulses supports superior robustness and reliable operation. Integrated dead-time with cross-conduction logic and independent under-voltage lockout (UVLO) for high and low side voltage supplies provide safe operation. EiceDRIVER 2ED2110S06M and 2ED2101/03/04 S06F can easily replace earlier generation IR(S)2110/2113S and IR(S)2101/03/04S devices.

Infineon - 2ED2101, 2ED2103, 2ED2104, 2ED2110S06M


The EiceDRIVER 2E2110S and 2ED2101/03/04 can be ordered now in industry-standard DSO-8 (SOIC8) and DSO-16W packages with 2 kV HBM ESD ratings.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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