First megapixel CCD network camera Smartec STC-IPM3095A with SXVGA resolution and SD-card support

Smartec STC-IPM3095A

New Smartec STC-IPM3095A IP-camera is equipped with 1.3 Mpix. Sony ExViewHAD CCD with progressive scan and DSP processor. Network camera can transmit two video streams in M-JPEG/MPEG-4 simultaneously with resolution from 1280×960 to 640×480 and 15-25 fps frame rate, while providing 0.4 lux of minimum illumination. In addition, Smartec IP-camera supports “day-night” software function and PoE, and features motion detector, audio I/O, SD-card slot (with 2 GB SD-card support). Network camera setup and current video viewing can be carried out through web browser, as well as using NetStation or Milestone software.

Smartec STC-IPM3095A

STC-IPM3095A network camera can transmit video over the network with SXVGA (1280×960) resolution at up to 15 fps, and VGA (640×480) or QVGA (320×240) resolution at 25 fps frame rate. Megapixel video resolution is required for detailed analysis of the image whereas lower resolution can be used for recording video on external storage of limited capacity and its transmission over the network with low bandwidth.

”Day/night” software function enables setting up operation mode for different light conditions. At the same time, operator can manually set the level of illumination at which camera will automatically switch from color to b/w mode, adapting to specific conditions.

In MJPEG it is possible to configure level of video compression (Low, Medium or High) as well as to select camera resolution, including megapixel resolution. MPEG4 allows installer to set VGA or QVGA resolution and bitrate. In addition, MPEG4 enables multicast video transmission in Multicast mode.

Since the network camera features built-in web server, it is possible to view video with synchronized audio stream in a standard web browser, using any PC connected to the network. It is recommended to purchase full-featured NetStation software for creating IP-based CCTV systems or Milestone XProtect software, supporting the largest number of IP-devices of all known third-party manufacturers. Each of these software products enables remote video surveillance with recording, search and playback, PTZ-control devices and eMap support.

Alarm video recording can be performed both on PC or supplied 2GB SD-card via built-in SD-card slot. SD-card is used for recording of alarm video fragments and pre- and post- alarm sequences. STC-IPM3095A network camera allows operator to configure loop recording of SD-card as well as backup copying video streams to FTP-server in case of FTP-server malfunction.

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