Raspberry Pi controller available as silicon

Raspberry Pi

Farnell has started shipping the Raspberry Pi RP2040 controller chip as a stand alone device.

Raspberry - Pi RP2040

The dual processor controller is used for the $4 Raspberry Pi Pico board and offers high performance for integer workloads, a large on-chip memory, and a wide range of I/O options, making it a flexible solution for a wide range of microcontroller applications.

The two ARM Cortex-M0+ cores are clocked at 133 MHz with 264 kB of on-chip SRAM and 30 multifunction GPIO pins that are available for system designers. Dedicated hardware for commonly used peripherals alongside a programmable I/O subsystem for extended peripheral support along with a four-channel ADC with internal temperature sensor and built-in USB 1.1 with host and device support.

“We are delighted that Raspberry Pi has chosen to make this chip available as a standalone component,” said Lee Turner, Global Head of Semiconductors and SBC at Farnell. “The Raspberry Pi Pico, which has the RP2040 at its core, has been hugely popular with customers and is showing potential to transform the microcontroller market in the same way that the original Raspberry Pi board did for single board computing. Customers can now use the Raspberry Pi Pico within their design phase and shift to the RP2040 in production, giving ultimate flexibility and opportunity for design engineers.”


1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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