Industry's Lowest-Noise, Class D/G Amplifier from Maxim Integrated Consumes 1/5 the Quiescent Power for Industry-Compliant, Always-On Speakers

Maxim MAX98396

20 V digital input MAX98396 audio power amplifier provides speakers with an inaudible noise floor, which is 50-percent lower than other, similar amplifiers, enabling placement in near-silent environments

Maxim Integrated Products unveiled the MAX98396 Class D/G speaker amplifier with the industry’s lowest noise and lowest quiescent power consumption, which is nearly five times lower power than similar amplifiers. The 20 V digital input audio power amplifier offers 12.7 mW of quiescent power to meet and exceed the industry’s power compliance regulations, which support the always-on feature in portable Bluetooth® and smart speakers. The MAX98396’s low 15.5 µVrms noise floor is 50-percent lower than the closest competitor, allowing speaker placement in near-silent locations.

Maxim - MAX98396

The MAX98396 is the newest addition to Maxim Integrated’s portfolio of Class D/G amplifiers, offering the industry’s lowest power, lowest noise and highest thermal efficiency demanded by battery powered Bluetooth and always-on smart speakers. The industry-leading power efficiency allows the speaker to be driven higher and longer before reaching the thermal limit. As well, the MAX98396 is ultrasound ready with 45 kHz of bandwidth and a dedicated data path. This feature, combined with artificial intelligence (AI) software and ultrasound, enables touchless gesture sensing, presence detection and proximity sensing.

Key Advantages

  • Ultra-Low Power:
    The MAX98396 offers 12.7 mW of quiescent power consumption at 12 V Power Vdd (PVDD), which is nearly five times lower than similar amplifiers. The low quiescent power meets and exceeds the industry’s standby power compliance regulations for always-on speakers.
  • Lowest Noise Floor:
    The MAX98396’s low 15.5 µVrms noise floor is 50-percent lower than the closest competitor, allowing speaker placement in near-silent locations.
  • Ultrasound Ready:
    The MAX98396 offers an upgraded sampling frequency of up to 192 kHz and an ultrasound signal bypass path to prevent ultrasound signal attenuation by the audio processing.

Availability and Pricing

  • The MAX98396 is available at Maxim Integrated’s website for $1.12 (1000-up, FOB USA); also available from authorized distributors
  • The MAX98396EVSYS evaluation system is available for $184
The MAX98396EVSYS Evaluation System
The MAX98396EVSYS Evaluation System.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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