Fairchild Semiconductor's New Family of Standard Amplifiers Consumes 20% Less Power in Battery Applications


Press Release GraphicMay 8, 2003- Fairchild Semiconductor International announces a family of power efficient CMOS amplifiers specifically targeted for lower power applications.  The LMV321 (single), LMV358 (dual), and LMV324 (quad) amplifiers consume a supply current of 120 microamps maximum at 2.7V and typically only 100 microamps at 5V, using 20% less power than competitive devices.  This family of amplifiers also provides rail-to-rail output and offers a supply voltage range of 2.5 to 5.5V (±1.25V to ±2.75V).  Fairchild's new LMV321, LMV358 and LMV324 are pin compatible and direct replacements for the LMV3XX Family from National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments and Maxim.

With a gain bandwidth product of 1.4MHz at 5V and slew rate of 1.5V/microsecond at 5V, these new CMOS amplifiers provide superior performance in portable applications such as cellular phones, PDAs, DSP interface, portable test equipment, digital still cameras, keyless entry and MP3 players.

Each amplifier is available in different package types for flexibility in a variety of designs.  The single LMV321 is available in a SOT23-5 or SC70-5, the dual LMV358 in an SOIC-8 or MSOP-8, and the quad LMV324 is available in an SOIC-14 or TSSOP-14 package.

These amplifiers add to Fairchild's portfolio of products targeted at low power applications.  These products include ultra-low power LDOs, switching regulators and MOSFETs, LEDs for backlighting, switches, TinyLogicTM, and supervisory products such as temperature sensors and reset generator circuits.

Price: Budgetary 1,000 and 10,000 piece pricing:

LMV321 (single)US $0.25 each (1,000 pcs.)US $0.18 each (10,000 pcs.)
LMV358 (dual))US $0.33 each (1,000 pcs.)US $0.24 each (10,000 pcs.)
LMV324 (quad)US $0.49 each (1,000 pcs.)US  $0.39 each (10,000 pcs.)

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