NuMicro M051-Nuvoton's new 32-bit μC powered by the ARM Cortex-M0

Nuvoton NuMicro M051

Following the success of the NuMicro family, Nuvoton Technology today launched the NuMicro M051 series - M052/54/58/516, its newest addition tothe NuMicro family. The NuMicro M051 is powered by the ARM Cortex-M0 processor - the smallest, lowest power and most energy-efficient ARM processor available today. As the newest member of the highly successful and powerful NuMicro family, the NuMicro M051 series delivers the same wide operating voltages and high performance while including mixed-signal components and a variety of high-speed communication interfaces, enabling users to easily upgrade their products from the traditional 8051 to the brand new 32-bit NuMicro M051.

Nuvoton: NuMicro M051

NuMicro M051-Nuvoton's new 32-bit μC powered by the ARM Cortex-M0Nuvoton Technology's new NuMicro M051 series satisfies the demands of 8-bit microcontroller customers worldwide at a low cost, yet with the higher performance, smaller code size and ease of use of a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M microcontroller. With an operating frequency of up to 50MHz, equivalent to 45DMIPS (45 Dhrystone MIPS), the NuMicro M051 series features a 32-bit single-cycle multiplier, NVIC (Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller) and dual-channel APB. The series offers built-in Flash memory from 8KB to 64KB, 4KB SRAM and external bus interface (EBI) for external address expansion. In terms of peripherals, the NuMicro M051 series equips with high speed interfaces, such as two UARTs, two SPIs and one I2C. The series also offers rich analog peripherals, including 8 channels of 12-bit SAR ADC, low voltage detector, brown out detector, etc. In addition, four 32-bit timers, the watchdog timer and the built-in oscillator also enrich the capability of the NuMicro M051 series. With all of these features, the entire system performance can be optimized with the new series. This makes the NuMicro M051 series ideal for use in industrial control, security systems, communication systems and systems requiring high-speed computing and data collection.

In terms of development tools, Nuvoton Technology provides simple, easy-to-use and full-featured development systems to customers to develop products using the NuMicro M051 series. Abundant hardware tools including the NuTiny-M051, Nu-Link ( ICE Bridge), Nu-LB (development learning board), standalone writer and gang-programmer are provided to help customers shorten the time-to-market for product development and production. Besides the tools provided by Nuvoton Technology, Keil, IAR and others also support the complete development tool chain for the Cortex-M series products.

Currently mass production of the NuMicro M051 series has begun and all products in the series are packaged with the LQFP48 and QFN33 with the price starting at US$0.55 in volume. Also, there are different built-in memory options in the same package with the same pin assignment to meet the needs of different program functions. In this way, customers can upgrade their programs without altering the hardware design or PCB layout. Nuvoton Technology is continuously expanding the MCU product line to meet the increasing demands of “high performance with lower cost” from customers to create a win-win solution with business partners in the highly competitive microcontroller market.

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