High-precision version of the world's smallest digital humidity sensor

Sensirion SHT25

In April 2010 Sensirion started serial production of the SHT21, the standard version of its new generation of digital humidity and temperature sensors. Now, on the occasion of the Electronica 2010 trade show, the sensor manufacturer is launching a high-precision version for applications with stringent accuracy requirements. According to Marketing & Sales Manager, responsible for the new product, “The SHT25 rounds out the family of digital humidity sensors, in the same way as the high-end versions of the SHT1x and SHT7x series. This represents a milestone on the product roadmap of the world’s smallest digital humidity sensors.”

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Sensirion - SHT25  Sensirion - SHT25

The SHT25 precisely measures relative humidity over a range of 0 to 100% RH and temperature over a range of -40 to +125°C. It achieves a typical accuracy of 1.8% RH (at 25°C) for relative humidity and ±0.2°C for temperature. For both quantities, the typical tolerance is small even at the limits of the measuring range. The maximum tolerance is 2% relative humidity or ±0.3°C over a wide range, as shown by the adjacent figures. This enables the new SHT25 to achieve significantly better accuracy, especially for temperature measurements.

Sensirion - SHT25   Sensirion - SHT25

The SHT25 is fully calibrated and exactly matches the other specifications of the already successful SHT21 version. Among other things, the reflow-solderable SHT25 has an I2C interface and features outstanding stability along with extremely low power consumption. Like the SHT21, the new version is available on tape & reel. A comprehensive quality management system and individual sensor tracking data round out the features of the SHT25.

The start of regular production is planned for December 2010. Samples are already available on request. In addition, free samples of the standard version (SHT21) can still be ordered online.


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