Analog Devices- First SFP/SFF-8472 Compliant Dual Loop Laser Diode Driver

Analog Devices

Provides automatic laser control without the need for expensive temperature calibration.

Sept 18, 2003 - Analog Devices - The ADN2870 3.3-Gbps laser diode driver (LDD) is fully compliant with the Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) Multisource Agreement (MSA) and digital diagnostics (SFF-8472) specifications. It is the only SFP compliant LDD to feature dual loop control of average power and extinction ratio. This feature enables automatic laser control without temperature calibration and look up tables resulting in significant cost advantages.
The voltage input set points of the ADN2870 eliminate the need to use a separate precision digital pot for calibration. The new LDD can interface directly to a common MicroConverter® IC, typically used as a supervisor within modules. As a result, it does not require external potentiometers like other laser diode drivers. This feature also enables a complete SFP transmit solution from Analog Devices. When combined with other SFP compliant ICs from ADI, the ADN2870 LDD can be used as part of a complete optical transmitter chip set for the Multisource Agreement (MSA) market.

The ADN2870 is appropriate for modules that serve SONET OC-48, SDH STM-16, 1X and 2X Fiber Channel and Gigabit Ethernet.

Pricing and Availability
Samples for the ADN2870 will be available in October 2003. It is priced at $6.95 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities.

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