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  1. After experiencing record user growth in the past year, Altium has launched the latest version of their leading PCB design software with Altium Designer 17. This release further embodies Altium’s commitment to passionate design by ...
  2. Altium Limited Announces Launch of Altium Designer 15.1. New Release Adds Several New Features for Improved Design Productivity, Enhanced Design Documentation, and High-Speed PCB Design Automation. Altium has released the newest version of the ...
    CAD & Software » Altium » Altium Designer 15.1
  3. Easy to use ARM IDE with unique Software Platform Builder for Mac Altium Limited announces the release of its TASKING VX -toolset for ARM Cortex-M for Apple Mac computers running OS X. Traditionally embedded software development tools have been ...
    CAD & Software » Altium » TASKING ARM
  4. Powerful design platform provides end-to-end analog circuit design creation and simulation Altium Limited introduced WEBENCH Altium Connector, a collaborative effort between Altium and Texas Instruments (TI) to blend TI’s award-winning ...
    CAD & Software » Altium » WEBENCH Altium Connector
  5. ​​The latest release of Altium Designer delivers improved support and new features to facilitate design reuse and more efficient electronics design Altium Limited has announced the latest update to its signature PCB design software, ...
    CAD & Software » Altium » Altium Designer 14.3
  6. Altium Limited announces a new major release of its TASKING compiler suite for ARM, now including its well-received Software Platform that was first showcased at the ARM TechCon in Santa Clara (USA). The Software Platform delivers ultra-rapid ...
    CAD & Software » Altium » TASKING C
  7. Altium Launches a New Version of Altium Designer, Focused on Core PCB Design Technology, Extending the Company’s Leadership in 3D PCB Design Altium Limited announces the new version of its flagship product, Altium Designer 14. The new Altium ...
    CAD & Software » Altium » Altium Designer 14
  8. Altium Limited announces its Software Platform, delivering ultra rapid prototyping and development for ARM Cortex-M based microcontrollers. The Software Platform includes a comprehensive range of middleware functionalities, such as an RTOS, CAN, ...
    Microcontrollers · CAD & Software » Altium » TASKING VX Software Platform
  9. Altium Limited , a global leader in Smart System Design Automation and provider of solutions for 3D PCB design (Altium Designer) and embedded software development (TASKING), has launched a major update to their flagship product, Altium Designer ...
    Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) · CAD & Software » Altium » Altium Designer 13.2
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