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  1. The 0402HP and 0603HP offer a balance of small size, high performance and competitive price that you won't find anywhere else Higher current handling, better Q, lower DCR Coilcraft set out to make a family of chip inductors that would outperform ...
    Discretes » Coilcraft » 0402HP, 0603HP
  2. Coilcraft ’s new VS Series air core inductors combine current ratings of up to 57.0 Amps and excellent Q factors, making them ideal for high current IF/RF applications. Other applications include high power filtering, high frequency VRMs ...
    Discretes · Power » Coilcraft » 1010VS, 1212VS, 2014VS
  3. Raj Joshi Electronic Specifier Coilcraft have announced a new series of miniature flyback transformers, the LPD5030V Series. Providing 1500 Vdc (1000 Vrms) winding-to-winding isolation in the smallest package size available, the compact and ...
    Discretes · Supply · Power » Coilcraft » LPD5030V

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