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  1. Diodes Incorporated introduced the AP22815 and AP22615 3 A single-channel high-side power switches for USB ports and other hot-swap applications. These devices are designed to provide protection for any sensitive electronic equipment that is used ...
    Supply » Diodes » AP22815, AP22615
  2. Diodes Incorporated introduced the PI6ULS5V9511A . This I 2 C/SMBus buffer enables hotswappable line-cards in ‘always-on’ networks, and is available in an assortment of packages. Rack-based systems enable web servers, networks, and ...
    Interfaces » Diodes » PI6ULS5V9511A
  3. Diodes Incorporated introduced the AP72200 . This device is a high-current synchronous buck/boost DC-DC converter with integrated high-side and low-side H-Bridge MOSFETs. The AP72200 delivers up to 97% efficiency with 1% voltage regulation ...
    Supply » Diodes » AP72200
  4. Diodes Incorporated extends its family of automotive LED drivers with the BCR4xxUQ series that simplifies the driving of low-power lighting. LED technology is displacing conventional bulbs throughout the car: from external lighting such as side ...
    Drivers · Automotive · Light » Diodes » BCR401UQ, BCR402UQ, BCR405UQ, BCR420UQ, BCR421UQ
  5. Diodes Incorporated announced the APR346 secondary-side synchronous rectification MOSFET driver, providing increased efficiency for off-line power adapters delivering 5 V to 20 V DC from an AC supply. Designed to operate in continuous-conduction ...
    Supply » Diodes » APR346
  6. Diodes Incorporated announced the AL17050 universal offline buck converter designed for lowpower Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. With its wide AC input voltage range and fully integrated MOSFET, it provides a compact and efficient solution ...
    Supply » Diodes » AL17050
  7. Featuring low THD+N, low EMI and high PSRR, the PAM8106 is a 10 W stereo Class-D audio amplifier that integrates spread-spectrum modulation (SSM) and non-clipping power limit (NCPL) technology to deliver advanced features for a range of battery- or ...
    Audio » Diodes » PAM8106
  8. Diodes Incorporated announced the AL5890 . This linear constant-current regulator provides simple and more cost-effective solutions for driving LED strings from an offline or DC power supply. Available in a range of packages, the small form-factor ...
    Drivers · Light » Diodes » AL5890
  9. Diodes Incorporated announced the AL5814 , AL5817 , and AL5816 linear LED controllers. These devices deliver dimmable and adjustable drive current for LED strings with more than 80% efficiency. The AL58xx series provides a low BOM-cost solution for ...
    Supply · Light » Diodes » AL5814, AL5815, AL5816, AL5817
  10. Diodes Incorporated announced the AL8862 . Featuring a wide input voltage range and integrated power MOSFET, this buck LED driver is well-suited for developers of LED lighting circuits looking to minimize board space and reduce BoM cost, while ...
    Drivers · Light » Diodes » AL8862
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