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  1. Supply Diodes AP63200 AP63201 AP63203 AP63205
    Diodes Incorporated announced the AP63200 / AP63201 / AP63203 / AP63205 2 A synchronous DC-DC buck converters, delivering class-leading EMI performance across a range of input and output voltages. These devices are well-suited for a number of ...
  2. Sensors Diodes AH1911 AH1921
    Diodes Incorporated introduced the AH1911/21 digital Hall effect sensors, which combine market-leading stable operating and release points (BOP and BRP) with ultra-low power operation. The 3rd generation devices will respond to either polarity of ...
  3. Logic Interfaces Diodes PI4ULS5V108
    Diodes Incorporated announced the PI4ULS5V108 . This device is an 8-channel, high speed, bidirectional level shifter designed for inter-IC communications between devices operating on different voltage supply rails. Targeted applications include PC, ...
  4. Supply Diodes AP22815 AP22615
    Diodes Incorporated introduced the AP22815 and AP22615 3 A single-channel high-side power switches for USB ports and other hot-swap applications. These devices are designed to provide protection for any sensitive electronic equipment that is used ...
  1. Interfaces Diodes PI6ULS5V9511A
    Diodes Incorporated introduced the PI6ULS5V9511A . This I 2 C/SMBus buffer enables hotswappable line-cards in ‘always-on’ networks, and is available in an assortment of packages. Rack-based systems enable web servers, networks, and ...
  2. Supply Diodes AP72200
    Diodes Incorporated introduced the AP72200 . This device is a high-current synchronous buck/boost DC-DC converter with integrated high-side and low-side H-Bridge MOSFETs. The AP72200 delivers up to 97% efficiency with 1% voltage regulation ...
  3. Drivers Automotive Light Diodes BCR401UQ BCR402UQ BCR405UQ BCR420UQ BCR421UQ
    Diodes Incorporated extends its family of automotive LED drivers with the BCR4xxUQ series that simplifies the driving of low-power lighting. LED technology is displacing conventional bulbs throughout the car: from external lighting such as side ...
  4. Supply Diodes APR346
    Diodes Incorporated announced the APR346 secondary-side synchronous rectification MOSFET driver, providing increased efficiency for off-line power adapters delivering 5 V to 20 V DC from an AC supply. Designed to operate in continuous-conduction ...
  5. Supply Diodes AL17050
    Diodes Incorporated announced the AL17050 universal offline buck converter designed for lowpower Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. With its wide AC input voltage range and fully integrated MOSFET, it provides a compact and efficient solution ...
  6. Audio Diodes PAM8106
    Featuring low THD+N, low EMI and high PSRR, the PAM8106 is a 10 W stereo Class-D audio amplifier that integrates spread-spectrum modulation (SSM) and non-clipping power limit (NCPL) technology to deliver advanced features for a range of battery- or ...

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