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  1. Graham Prophet EDN-Europe Continuing to drive innovation in USB technology, FTDI Chip has now introduced a series of USB 3.0 UVC class bridge ICs. The company’s FT602 devices support the streaming of video content from high definition camera ...
    Interfaces » FTDI » FT602
  2. After the incredible response to its crowdfunding project earlier this year, which raised 3.25 times the original target, FTDI Chip now announces the full availability of the CleO product (and accompanying accessories) through its distribution ...
  3. To provide engineers with a greater breadth of IO options and also address demands to conserve board real estate, FTDI has announced new versions of its highly popular FT2232H and FT4232H devices. These configurable USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (supporting 480 ...
    Interfaces » FTDI » FT2232H, FT4232H
  4. Easy to implement HID class IC features both USB-to-I 2 C USB-to-UART functionality FTDI Chip continues to explore innovative new approaches for ensuring that USB technology is as straightforward to use as possible. The new FT260 is a human ...
    Interfaces » FTDI » FT260
  5. In order to support the FT51A MCU, which is now in full production, FTDI Chip has introduced an array of board levels products which will enable engineers to become more familiar with this MCU platform. This allows them to see just how versatile it ...
    Interfaces · Microcontrollers » FTDI » FT51A, FT51A-EVM, UMFT51AA, FTPD-1
  6. UNO R3 compatible board supports higher current demands as well as offering other useful additional features FTDI Chip has always looked for imaginative ways to solve today’s electronics engineering problems. Now it is also experimenting with ...
  7. FTDI Chip has introduced a series of easy-to-utilise modules to facilitate the evaluation, development and subsequent implementation of its 32-bit FT90X Super-Bridge MCUs. This will mean that engineers in the embedded space are better positioned to ...
    Microcontrollers · Microcontrollers usage » FTDI » MM900EV1A, MM900EV2A, MM900EV3A, MM900EV-LITE, UMFTPD2A
  8. HSMC FMC connectivity options facilitating deployment into FPGA-based designs To encourage the widespread utilisation of its cost-effective and easy-to-implement next generation USB interfacing technology, FTDI Chip has unveiled a new family of ...
    Interfaces » FTDI » FT600/1Q, UMFT600A, UMFT601A, UMFT600X, UMFT601X
  9. The FT600Q and FT601Q are FTDI Chip ’s first generation USB 3.0 products that function as SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to FIFO bridges, providing data bursting rates of up to 3.2 Gbps. The FT600Q comes in 56-pin QFN package and has a 16-bit wide FIFO ...
    Interfaces » FTDI » FT600Q, FT601Q
  10. Enabling a more expansive choice of connectivity options to be utilized Following on from the release of its VM800P development platforms, which facilitate more advanced human machine interface (HMI) implementation using its innovative Embedded ...
    MCU open-source platforms » FTDI » VI800A-TTLU, VI800A-ETH, VI800A-PoE, VI800A-N485U, VI800A-232U, VI800A-RELAY
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