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  1. NEC , which has been working on what is called organic radical battery (ORB) technology for some years, has announced its latest ORB breakthrough, the 0.3mm thick ORB. The output rated as 5kW/L with a capacity of 3mAh. On full charge, the new ...
  2. NEC Electronics Europe has expanded its 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) portfolio with the addition of the All Flash 78K0/Kx2-A MCU series, which has enhanced analog functionality for battery-operated portable devices. The four MCUs in the series ...
  3. NEC Electronics announced the availability of 14 new all flash microcontrollers, the 78K0/Dx2 product series that includes a wide range of peripherals with either 80 or 64 pins and memory capacity ranging from 60 down to 24 kilobytes NEC ...
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