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  1. National Semiconductor introduced two new high-voltage system power management and protection integrated circuits (ICs) with on-chip power management bus (PMBus) support. The 48V input voltage LM5066 and -48V input voltage LM5064 integrate ...
    Supply · Power » National Semiconductor » LM5066, LM5064
  2. Highly-integrated Driver Utilizes Unique Control Method to Equalize Current Between Multiple LED Strings National Semiconductor Corp . introduced the LM3466 , a highly integrated linear LED driver that simplifies the design of high power, wide area ...
  3. National Semiconductor introduced the industry's first 2A red, green and blue (RGB) LED driver for portable projectors that drives three common anode RGB high-brightness LEDs sequentially with a single inductor. The highly-integrated LM3435 ...
  4. National Semiconductor Corporation launches the LMP8350 ultra low distortion fully differential precision ADC driver with selectable power modes from the PowerWise family. Features Differential Input and Output Tri-Level Power Settings with ...
  5. National Semiconductor expands its PowerWise family. The new LM5045 PWM controller contains all of the features necessary to implement Full-Bridge topology power converters using either current mode or voltage mode control. This device is intended ...
  6. 12A and 15A Buck Regulators Deliver Greater Than 97 Percent Efficiency for High-Performance FPGAs, ASICs and Microprocessors National Semiconductor Corp. introduced a pair of high-current, synchronous buck regulators with the industry’s ...
    Supply · Power » National Semiconductor » LM21212-1, LM21215
  7. National Semiconductor Added the Adjustable Output Version to LP38691 Family of LDO Linear Regulators. Features Output voltage range of 1.25V - 9V 2.0% adjust pin voltage accuracy (25 C) Low dropout voltage: 250mV @ 500mA (typ, 5V out) Wide input ...
    Supply · Power » National Semiconductor » LP38691-ADJ, LP38693-ADJ
  8. Features Wide input voltage range (12V-80V) Dynamic Headroom Control ensures maximum efficiency 4 output channels with individual current regulation High channel to channel accuracy Digital PWM/Analog dimming control interface Resistor programmable ...
  9. At 3.6 Gsamples/s, the 12-bit ADC12D1800 A/D converter ( National Semiconductor ) is claimed to be 3.6 times faster than the closest competition. The part’s dynamic performance of 147-dBm/Hz noise floor, 52-dB noise power ratio (NPR), and ...
    ADC, DAC » National Semiconductor » ADC12D1000, ADC12D1600, ADC12D1800
  10. National ’s LMV831 , LMV832 , and LMV834 are CMOS input, low power op amp IC's, providing a low input bias current, a wide temperature range of −40 C to 125 C and exceptional performance making them robust general purpose parts. ...
    Amplifiers » National Semiconductor » LMV831, LMV832, LMV834
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