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  1. RFMD ’s new RFPA520x series of three-stage WiFi PA modules are designed for 802.11b/g/n applications. Each is a highly integrated solution with minimal external components, greatly reducing layout area, bill of materials (BOM), and ...
    Amplifiers · Wireless » RFMD » RFPA5200, RFPA5201
  2. RF Micro Devices , Inc. (RFMD) announced the availability of the RFFM6903 front end module (FEM). RFMD's highly-integrated RFFM6903 FEM meets or exceeds the system requirements for AMI/AMR smart meter applications operating in the 868MHz 960MHz ...
    RF · Wireless » RFMD » RFFM6903
  3. RFMD ’s new RF5836 provides a complete integrated solution in a single front end module (FEM) for WiFi 802.11a/n systems. The ultra-small form factor and integrated matching minimizes the layout area in the customer's application and ...
    RF · Wireless » RFMD » RF5836
  4. RFMD ’s new RFVA0016 is an integrated, analog-controlled, Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA) for broadband applications with external matching, allowing operation in all bands from 400MHz to 2700MHz with a single module. It features exceptional ...
    RF » RFMD » RFVA0016
  5. RFMD ’s new RF3688 is a single-chip dual-band front end module (FEM) for high performance WiFi applications in the 2.5GHz and 5GHz ISM bands. It contains integrated PAs for 2.5GHz and 5GHz, Tx/Rx switch for each band, baluns for both low and ...
    RF · Wireless » RFMD » RF3688
  6. RFMD ’s new RF6559 is a Front End Module (FEM) for 915MHz AMR systems. It contains an integrated three-stage PA with 42dB of gain and typical power output of 28dBm. The RF6559 allows for Tx/Rx on a single antenna via 2 integrated SPDT ...
    RF · Wireless » RFMD » RF6559
  7. RFMD ’s RFHA1003 GaN Power IC (PIC) is a wideband power amplifier designed for continuous wave and pulsed applications such as military communications, electronic warfare, wireless infrastructure, radar, two-way radios and general purpose ...
    RF · Wireless » RFMD » RFHA1003
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