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  1. The IVC 3D-30 from Sick is a short-range 3D camera designed for very detailed inspection applications. The IVC3D-30 is capable of measurements down to 15 microns. The camera is still capable of 5000 profiles per second, making it ideal for ...
    Camcorders · Automation · Robots » SICK » IVC-3D 30, IVC-3D 300, IVC-3D
  2. With two programmable switching thresholds per device, an additional analogue output, and a response time of 60 µs, the new WLL190T-2 from Sick sets the standard for fibre-optic cable photoelectric switches. Together with over 80 different ...
    Sensors · Optoelectronics · Automation » SICK » WLL190T-2
  3. Sick introduces incremental hollow shaft motor feedback system VFS60 for asynchronous motors. Electrical interface TTL and HTL Through hollow shaft 10, 12, 14, 15 mm as well as 3/8“ and 1/2“ Electrical isolation between motor and ...
    Automation · Power » SICK » VFS60
  4. Sick introduces W8 series miniature photoelectric sensors with background suppression or autocollimation: small, fast and secure at close range. Precise at close distance For fast applications For applications with little space Photoelectric ...
    Sensors · Automation » SICK » W8, WTB8, WTB8L, WL8G
  5. Sick AG introduses new magnetic cylinder sensor MZ2Q-C : world first for the C-slot. One sensor, two adjustable switch points. Monitored area up to 50 mm 2 adjustable switch points External teach-in Only one slot required Only half as much cable ...
    Sensors · Automation » SICK » MZ2Q-C
  6. Sick intoduces new distance sensor DS30 . SICK reinvents the time-of-flight Up to 2 meter scanning distance with time-of-flight measurement in a 54 x 24.6 x 80.6 mm small photoelectric switch housing High immunity to a changing or reflecting ...
    Sensors · Automation » SICK » DS30
  7. Sick Introduces new magnetic cylinder sensor MZ2Q: one sensor, two adjustable switch points. Varied applications, e.g. defining end positions on short lifting cylinders or detecting intermediate positions Half the wiring Only one slot is occupied ...
    Sensors · Automation » SICK » MZ2Q
  8. Sick introduced a new transparent distance sensor - OD Max Transparent. High-end system for maximum close-range accuracy For maximum close-range accuracy demands High-end system: 1 or 2 sensor heads per evaluation unit and the possibility of ...
    Sensors · Automation » SICK » OD Max Transparent
  9. Sick introduces distance sensor DME4000 for all standard applications in small part stores, high-bay pallet warehouses and deep-freeze stores. Measurement range optimised for small part stores and pallet warehouses Also for positioning hoisting ...
    Sensors · Automation » Sick » DME4000
  10. SICK introduces new distance sensor DS40 in compact format. Standard tasks economically solved Precise distance detection with long, adjustable scanning distances through red laser light Slanted objects also detected Background suppression up to ...
    Sensors · Automation » SICK » DS40
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