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  1. Next-generation current sense amplifier features enhanced accuracy for high-end consumer, enterprise computing, communications, and industrial equipment Semtech Corporation announced the availability of a new, high-performance current sense ...
    Supply · Amplifiers · Measurement » Semtech » TS94033
  2. The TClamp2472S expands Semtech’s TransClamp® platform; enhances system robustness and guards circuits from destructive overvoltage transient threats Semtech Corporation announced the TClamp2472S , a versatile two-line, low-capacitance ...
    Interfaces » Semtech » TClamp2472S
  3. The uClamp2417P 24V, surge-rated TVS protection array enables customers to exceed current industry ESD immunity standards Semtech Corporation announced the uClamp2417P , a 7-line surge-rated, 24 V transient protection array for broad use in ...
    Interfaces » Semtech » ΜClamp2417P
  4. Semtech’s RClamp0534N helps protect data-line interfaces from dangerous ESD threats Semtech Corporation announced the RClamp0534N , a versatile 4-line, low-cap transient protection array for safeguarding industrial interfaces against ...
    Interfaces » Semtech » RClamp0534N
  5. Intelligent Neo-Iso™ platform offers the right solution for IoT applications with superior system flexibility, providing galvanic isolation and intelligent switching capabilities Semtech Corporation announced the expansion of its ...
  6. Semtech’s RClamp0552T Provides ESD Protection for Dual High Speed Data Lines in Space Constrained Applications Semtech Corporation announced the RClamp® 0552T, a high performance, low capacitance transient voltage suppression (TVS) array ...
    Electronic components » Semtech » RClamp0552T
  7. SC563LHULTRC is a Dual Output Low Dropout Regulator in a Tiny MLPD Package Semtech Corporation announced the SC563 , a dual output low dropout (LDO) regulator in a tiny 1.6 mm × 1.2 mm, 8 pin MLPD package. The SC563 LDO provides two regulated ...
    Power » Semtech » SC563
  8. Semtech’s RClamp1255P Protects USB 2.0 Data Lines From ESD Transients and VBUS From Surges, Expanding the Company’s Robust Mobile Protection Platform Semtech announced the RClamp1255P , a high-performance, low capacitance transient ...
    Interfaces » Semtech » RClamp1255P
  9. Semtech announced the latest device in its buck regulator platform. The new SC286 is the world’s smallest 4A, dual-channel regulator for point-of-load (POL) applications. It combines two step-down regulators each with 15 preset output ...
    Supply · Power » Semtech » SC186, SC286
  10. Semtech announced the newest devices in its popular charge pump platform. The new 3.3V, SC630A and 5V, SC632A are the world’s smallest 300mA and 275mA (respectively) buck-boost regulators in a tiny, 2 × 2 × 0.6mm package and are ...
    Supply · Power » Semtech » SC630A , SC632A
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