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  1. FP0030 Minimizes Voltage Drop to Save Power Maintain Functionality Supertex , Inc. introduced FP0030, a 20V current limiting protection device. The FP0030 can be considered as a normally closed switch with a typical resistance of 4.5 ohms. The IC ...
    Interfaces » Supertex » FP0030
  2. CL8800 CL8801 Drive Long Strings of LEDs Directly from AC Mains Supertex introduced CL8800 and CL8801 , sequential, linear LED drivers designed to drive long strings of low cost, low current LEDs in solid-state replacements for fluorescent tubes, ...
    Supply · Light · Power » Supertex » CL8800, CL8801
  3. HV7360 and HV7361 Feature Up To 35 MHz Operating Frequency Supertex introduced HV7360 and HV7361 , high voltage, high speed ultrasound pulser ICs with fast return-to-zero (RTZ) outputs. The ICs are designed as space-efficient alternatives to ...
    Electronic components · Medicine » Supertex » HV7360, HV7361
  4. Supertex introduced HV2605 , HV2705 and HV2706 , sixteen channel analog switch ICs with HVCMOS technology for high performance in applications that use low voltage logic signals to control high voltage switching, such as in medical ultrasound ...
    Electronic components · Measurement · Medicine » Supertex » HV2605, HV2705, HV2706
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