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  1. New device delivers high-speed communications capability to the automotive environment Toshiba Electronics Europe announces the launch of a new analog output IC photocoupler that enables high-speed communications in automotive applications ...
  2. Small size, low on resistance and AEC-Q101 qualification Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the launch of a new MOSFET series that incorporates an active-clamp structure with a built-in diode between the drain and gate terminals. With the ...
    Electronic components » Toshiba » SSM6N357R, SSM6N357R
  3. Simple to use board simplifies and speeds up development process Toshiba Electronics Europe announces a new evaluation board for their TPD420xF series of brushless DC (BLDC) three-phase motor driver ICs to speed up the process of prototyping and ...
    Drivers · Power » Toshiba » TPD4204F, TPD4206F, TPD4207F
  4. New range comprises four devices for HDMI, camera and display applications Toshiba Electronics Europe announces a new range of video interface bridge devices intended for modern automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) applications. Increasingly, ...
    Automotive » Toshiba » TC9590, TC9591, TC9592, TC9593
  5. New packaging design provides 1.7 times higher rupture resistance than conventional press-pack packaging Toshiba Electronics Europe will be providing details on its new packaging for its 4.5 kV class press-pack IEGT (PPI) devices at PCIM 2018 in ...
  6. New device has a closed loop rotation speed control function Toshiba Electronics Europe announced the launch of the TC78B025FTG , a three-phase brushless motor driver IC with a rotation speed control (closed loop control) function. The new device ...
    Drivers » Toshiba » TC78B025FTG
  7. Reduced on-resistance resulting from the use of a new, small, low-resistance package Toshiba Electronics Europe has released two new MOSFETs housed in the small low-resistance SOP Advance (WF) package in 5 mm × 6 mm size, as new additions to ...
    Discretes · Power » Toshiba » TPHR7904PB, TPH1R104PB
  8. Ultra slim device guarantees 5 kV isolation and 8.0 mm creepage and clearance distances Toshiba Electronics Europe announced the launch of a new gate driver photocoupler housed in a low-profile SO8L package. The TLP5832 delivers 2.5 A peak output ...
  9. New driver offers dual channel operation and advanced error handling Toshiba Electronics Europe has broadened its line-up of small surface-mount brushed motor drivers with the addition of the new TB67H420FTG that supports high-voltage applications ...
    Drivers · Power » Toshiba » TB67H420FTG
  10. Devices also suitable for other industrial applications and can replace mechanical relays Toshiba Electronics Europe has started to ship five new high-current photorelays in DIP4 and DIP6 packages. These additions to its portfolio of photorelays ...
    Optoelectronics · Power » Toshiba » TLP3543A, TLP3545A, TLP3546A, TLP3556A, TLP3558A
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