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  1. The STMicroelectronics LPS22HH MEMS piezoelectric absolute pressure sensor is so accurate and stable that manufacturers can eliminate one-point calibration (OPC) after soldering to increase throughput and efficiency. With a pressure noise ...
  2. Measure temperature fluctuation with industry's first rate-of-change reporting feature Temperature measurement is central to the functionality of Internet of Things (IoT) and personal computing devices, making it imperative that developers ...
    Sensors · Measurement » Microchip » EMC1812, EMC1813, EMC1814, EMC1815, EMC1833
  3. The ISM330DLC six-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) extends STMicroelectronics ’ family of ultra-low power MEMS sensors for industrial applications, which combine high accuracy and robustness with long-term availability assured by ...
  4. VCSEL-Powered Device Targets Smartphones, VR / AR Headsets, and Other Battery Powered Systems Vishay Intertechnology introduced a fully integrated proximity sensor that combines a high power vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), a ...
    Sensors » Vishay » VCNL36687S
  5. Industry’s first self-calibrating gyroscope Game-changing enhancement of accelerometer performance Low power consumption for noticeably extended battery life Enables OIS/EIS for stunning videos and pin-sharp pictures Reutlingen, Germany Bosch ...
    Sensors » Bosch Sensortec » BMI260, BMI261, BMI263
  6. Corresponding to the UL safety standard UL61800-5-1 for industrial equipment, Corporation, (AKM), has developed the CZ-370x series coreless current sensor, which achieving both creepage distance and clearance distance greater than 8 mm. With a wide ...
    Sensors · Measurement · Power » AKM » CZ-3700, CZ-3701, CZ-3702, CZ-3703, CZ-3704, CZ-3705, CZ-3706
  7. Versatile sensors are ideal for measuring current or proximity NVE Corporation announced the new SM324-10E Smart Magnetometer. The new sensor combines a unique Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor element with sophisticated digital signal ...
    Sensors · Measurement » NVE » SM324-10E
  8. Allegro MicroSystems has released a fully integrated, small form factor, power monitoring IC with reinforced voltage isolation. Allegro’s ACS724 and ACS711 current sensor ICs are commonly used in internet connected power outlets and other IoT ...
  9. E524.32 / E524.33: Easy implementing cost-effective system solution With the ICs E524.32 and E524.33 , Elmos presents the next generation of the Direct-Drive ultrasonic IC family for automotive ultrasonic parking assistance systems. Furthermore, ...
    Sensors · Measurement » Elmos » E524.32, E524.33
  10. Advanced inertial sensor provides highly accurate dead reckoning for automotive navigation, telematics, and highly automated driving systems. 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope integrated on a single chip leverage ST-proprietary end-to-end ...
    Sensors · MEMS » STMicroelectronics » ASM330LHH
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