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  1. In order to support the FT51A MCU, which is now in full production, FTDI Chip has introduced an array of board levels products which will enable engineers to become more familiar with this MCU platform. This allows them to see just how versatile it ...
    Interfaces · Microcontrollers » FTDI » FT51A, FT51A-EVM, UMFT51AA, FTPD-1
  2. Next-Generation Gecko MCUs Combine State-of-the-Art Hardware Cryptography with Advanced Energy Management Features Delivering the next generation of Gecko technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), Silicon Labs has introduced two new EFM32™ ...
    Microcontrollers · Security · Networks » Silicon Labs » EFM32JG, EFM32PG
  3. Disruptive chip-scale packaging enables new design options for secure payment, IoT and other fast-growing markets Freescale Semiconductor introduced an ultra-thin version of the Kinetis K22 microcontroller (MCU), integrating 120 MHz of performance ...
    Microcontrollers » Freescale » Kinetis K22
  4. PIC24F “GB6” Microcontroller Family Also Features Live Update Capability For Always On Industrial, Computer, Medical/Fitness and Portable Applications Microchip Technology announced the expansion of its Low Power PIC® ...
    Microcontrollers » Microchip » PIC24F "GB6"
  5. Leveraging Nearly 30 Years of Aerospace Experience, Atmel ATmegaS128 AVRs Deliver Space-Grade Quality MCUs Including Latch-Up Immunity, Ceramic Packaging and Extended Temperature Range for Next-Generation of Space Applications Atmel Corporation ...
    Microcontrollers » Atmel » ATmegaS128
  6. FTDI Chip has introduced a series of easy-to-utilise modules to facilitate the evaluation, development and subsequent implementation of its 32-bit FT90X Super-Bridge MCUs. This will mean that engineers in the embedded space are better positioned to ...
    Microcontrollers · Microcontrollers usage » FTDI » MM900EV1A, MM900EV2A, MM900EV3A, MM900EV-LITE, UMFTPD2A
  7. STMicroelectronics is extending its range of STM32 Nucleo development boards with scalable, small-form-factor variants to support the tiny 32-pin members of its STM32 microcontroller family. The new STM32 Nucleo-32 boards NUCLEO-F031K6 , ...
    Microcontrollers » STMicroelectronics » Nucleo-F042K6, Nucleo-F031K6, Nucleo-F303K8
  8. STMicroelectronics has introduced a $35 starter kit plus a new free-of-charge software algorithm to help engineers and hobbyists implement efficient vector control in a very short time for motor-driven projects such as drones, appliances, E-bikes, ...
  9. New 48-Member PIC32MZ EF Series Integrates 2 MB Flash, 512 KB RAM, 18 MSPS 12-bit ADC, FPU, Crypto Engine, Hi-Speed USB, 10/100 Ethernet, CAN and Best-In-Class Peripheral Options Microchip Technology Inc. announced a new series within its ...
    Microcontrollers · Wireless » Microchip » PIC32MZ EF
  10. TI's TM4C MCU family and new low-cost LaunchPad development kit with hardware-encryption security features provide the performance needed for a secure cloud connection Addressing the critical need for security in the Internet of Things (IoT), Texas ...

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