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  1. Bringing high-efficiency gains to broadcast transmitters NXP Semiconductors announced the availability of its ultra-wideband Doherty reference design using the BLF884P and BLF884PS the industry’s first wideband Doherty power amplifiers ...
    RF · Amplifiers · Wireless » NXP Semiconductors » BLF884P, BLF884PS
  2. The STHVDAC-304MF3 antenna-tuning circuit has a 4-channel output for adjusting up to four tunable BST capacitors in the antenna-matching circuits of multi-band GSM/WCDMA/3G-LTE smartphones. A key feature is support for the MIPI Alliance RF Front ...
    RF · Wireless · Cellular » STMicroelectronics » STHVDAC-304MF3
  3. Custom MMIC is offering a new passive 6-10 GHz I/Q mixer, the CMD182C4. When paired with an external IF hybrid, the CMD182C4 can be used as either an image reject mixer or single sideband modulator, with 5.5 dB of conversion loss and 30 dB of image ...
    RF · Wireless » Custom MMIC » CMD182C4
  4. Tunable RF Components allow smaller volume antennas, reduced power consumption and support increasing mobile data demands in the latest generation of smartphones ON Semiconductor introduced a new family of Tunable RF Components (TRFC) that address ...
    RF · Cellular » On Semiconductor » TCP-30xx, TСС-103
  5. Unique BLE-Stack 1.3 feature solves industry problem for devices using TI's CC2540/1 Bluetooth low energy SoCs Answering the growing need for smartphone and tablet applications that update seamlessly, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) announces a ...
    RF · Wireless · Microcontrollers » Texas Instruments » BLE-Stack 1.3
  6. Innovative Power Products introduces their Model IPP-8042, a 100 watt, 35 dB, Surface Mount Dual Directional Coupler that operates from 225 2500 MHz. The IPP-8042 is a unique broadband design which provides separate coupled ports for both forward ...
  7. Custom MMIC, a developer of performance-driven monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), is adding a new 5-11 GHz ultra-low noise amplifier to their growing line of high-quality products. The CMD132P3 presents an ultra-low noise figure of ...
    RF · Wireless » Custom MMIC » CMD132P3
  8. AVX Corporation has introduced a new series of low profile, best in class 0805 MLO™ diplexers. Based on its patented multilayer organic high density interconnect technology, AVX’s new MLO diplexers incorporate high dielectric constant ...
  9. Infineon's new 1000W LDMOS transistor is designed for avionics applications in the 965 MHz to 1215 MHz frequency band. It offers over 1000W peak output power capability with 15dB of gain and 60 percent efficiency (under 100µsec, 10 percent DC ...
  10. New CC2530-based BoosterPack from Anaren works with both MSP430 and Stellaris LaunchPad evaluation kits for fast time to market of new wireless connectivity designs Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) announced the full availability of a new ZigBee ...

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