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Microchip dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN Starter Kit (DM330018)

Main Features of Kit or Board
Base componentMicrochip
Category, bit16-bit
Supported familiesdsPIC33
Board peripherals
  • I/O pins
  • I2C interface
  • SPI
  • USB
  • CAN interface
  • LIN interface
  • ISP
  • temperature sensor
  • potentiometers
  • user buttons
  • user LEDs

Part NumberDM330018

dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN Starter Kit (DM330018)


Detailed Description

The dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN starter Kit features the dsPIC33EV256GM106 Digital Signal Controller (DSC) for automotive and motor control applications. The Starter Kit contains serial data ports for CAN, LIN and SENT, a self-contained USB programming/debug interface, and an expansion footprint for flexibility in application hardware development. This board allows users to explore three popular automotive and industrial serial data formats (CAN, LIN and SENT). The PICkit On-Board (PKOB) USB programmer and debugger allows simple programming without the need for an additional hardware interface. No other external tools are required to program the device.

Microchip dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN Starter Kit (DM330018)

The Starter Kit board includes several analog features to showcase the capabilities of the dsPIC33EV256GM106 family. The included 64-pin digital signal controller integrates the following features:

  • One CAN module with 32 buffers and 16 receive filters
  • Two SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) modules
  • Two UARTs with LIN/J2606 support
  • SPI and I2C serial interfaces
  • One high-speed (1.1 Msps), 10/12-bit A/D converter with multiple input channels
  • One Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU)
  • Six Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) outputs
  • In addition, the CAN-LIN Starter Kit board also provides:
    • Analog temperature sensor (MCP9701A)
    • Ratiometric trim potentiometer
    • CAN Interface (MCP2561) with DB9 male connector
    • LIN Interface (MCP2021A) with required interface electronics
    • Three general purpose momentary push buttons
    • Three general purpose LEDs
    • Breakout Connector footprint

Package Contents

  • dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN Starter Kit board
  • USB cable (A to mini-B)
  • An insert card with links to the website for this manual, schematics and the demo application

dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN Starter Kit User Guide and Schematic

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