Evaluation Board Microchip KSZ8061MNX-EVAL

Part NumberKSZ8061MNX-EVAL

The KSZ8061 32-QFN Evaluation Board is designed to enable functional and performance testing of the KSZ8061MNX PHY.


Detailed Description

In addition to the KSZ8061 PHY, there is a second PHY – a KSZ8081. The KSZ8081 is a standard 10/100 Ethernet PHY. It is used here to provide a second line interface, for simple full-duplex traffic through the KSZ8061. This board is not intended for evaluation of the KSZ8081.

Configurations include: Two-PHY MII Back-to-Back, MII Loopback and MII Connector.

Evaluation Board Microchip KSZ8061MNX-EVAL

KSZ8061 Feature:

  • Quiet-WIRE programmable EMI filter
  • MII/RMII interface with MDC/MDIO management interface for register configuration
  • On-chip termination resistors for the differential pairs
  • LinkMD+ receive signal quality indicator
  • Fast start-up and link
  • Low-power design with IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet support
  • Ultra-Deep Sleep standby mode: CPU or signal detect activated
  • Loopback modes for diagnostics
  • Programmable interrupt output

KSZ8061MNX-EVAL Features:

  • KSZ8061 PHY
  • 10-Pin MDIO/MDC Header
  • RXER Latch & LED
  • 25MHz Clock circuit
  • Reset button
  • DC Power Supply
  • MII Connector
  • Line Connector with 3 optional configurations
  • RJ-45 Connector with KSZ8081 PHY

KSZ8061MNX-EVAL Schematiс Diagram

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