Rohde&Schwarz RTC1002 + RTC-B223 Oscilloscope

Part NumberRTC1002 + RTC-B223
Rohde&Schwarz RTC1002 + RTC-B223  Oscilloscope

High sensitivity, multifunctionality and a great price - that is what makes the RTC1000 oscilloscope so special.


RTC1000 oscilloscope - data sheet
PDF, 1.6 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 03.01, File published: Jun 6, 2018
RTC1000 oscilloscope - product brochure
PDF, 4.5 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 04.00, File published: Jan 10, 2018
RTC1000 user manual
PDF, 13.0 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 04, File published: Apr 24, 2018


Detailed Description

From embedded developers to service technicians to educators - the wide range of functions address a broad group of users. State-of-the-art, high-performance technology in a fanless design meets the high requirements of today's customers.


Bandwidth300 MHz
Memory Depth max2 Msample
Number of Channels2
Optional MSO8 digital channels
Sample Rate2 Gsample

Model Line

Manufacturer's Classification

Other Names:

RTC1002 + RTCB223, RTC1002 + RTC B223

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