AVR programmer Olimex AVR-PG1

AVR-PG1 - Serial port (RS232) PONY PROG compatible AVR programmer with STKxxx 10 pin ICSP connector.

Detailed Description

AVR-PG1 is the most simple and inexpensive AVR programmer on the market.

It works with the great free AVR programming software made by Claudio Lanconelli - the Pony Prog you can always look at the list of the supported devices on this link as it grows every month.

Olimex AVR-PG1


  • connects to PC via RS232 port (note it will not work with USB-RS232 converters!)
  • no need for external power supply as it takes the power supply from target board.
  • uses Atmel's 2×5 pin ICSP connector layout
  • dimensions 45×30 mm (1.7×1.2") + 20 cm (8") cable

Schematic diagram AVR-PG1 programmer

Olimex AVR-PG1B Schematic

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  • my PC doesnt have a RS232 pin so i have to connect through usb to serial converter, can you suggest me an alternative for AVR- PG1 programmer for programming AVR controllers
  • Maybe in this case, the best solution would be to build programmer for AVR microcontroller with USB interface... One simple example - AVR910...
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