Global High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs Market Forecast



There’s no denying the fact that the Global High-Density Interconnect PCB market is poised to grow exponentially during the forecast period of 2019 to 2029.

Next, let's take a look at the current situation and future predictions of HDI-PCB.

An image of an HDI PCB
Figure 1. An image of an HDI PCB.

1: Current Trends in HDI PCB

Lately, the HDI PCB is experiencing several notable trends worth noting. Arguably, the rising demand for smart and smaller devices is a current trend that’s characteristic of HDI PCB manufacturing.

Additionally, the need to ‘Go-Green’ is compelling a lot of HDI PCB manufacturers to engage in environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Lastly, quality is crucial. It is another current trend that's characteristic of HDI PCB manufacturing firms across the globe.

2: Industry Analysis of HDI PCB

2.1 Market opportunities and trends

According to several reports, some of the most notable trends or factors that drive up the global HDI PCB market include the growing sales of consumer electronics, the miniaturisation of lower weight and size, and the rising demand for high-efficiency thinner and smaller HDI PCBs.

2.2 Market dynamics

Several forces are currently affecting to change prices and the behaviours of consumers and producers on the grounds of HDI PCBs.

One of the factors is the miniaturisation of electronic devices. As technology advances, the increase in the miniaturisation of electronic devices can still produce excellent results. Customers prefer small, lightweight components that have forced the industry to adapt to this change.

Another market driver is the growth of the consumer electronics industry.

Consumer electronics utilise PCBs, and a majority of them (more than 80%) require small size PCBs that can fit into them. With such a trend, the manufacture of HDI PCBs seems to be on the increase in plenty of locations globally.

2.3 Market Constraint Analysis

In the context of HDI PCB manufacturing, several constraints affect and continue to hinder a company’s ability towards the achievement of its marketing goals. Below are some of the most common limitations that plenty of industry players face.

2.3.1 High manufacturing costs

A lot of companies struggle with high production costs that are mainly determined by the size of the PCB, the materials used towards their manufacture, and the number of layers found in an HDI PCB.

Sadly, high manufacturing costs acts as another constraint to a lot of companies, an aspect that has made them either use substandard materials or reduce the number of layers in an HDI PCB.

2.3.2 Lack of expertise in manufacturing HDI printed circuits

Apart from high manufacturing costs associated with producing or manufacturing HID PCBs, the lack of technical know-how on how to come up with finished products that will impress the customers is another market constraint that affects a lot of firms.

3: Competition Outlook

In the business or even the manufacturing world, chances of finding no competition are scarce. Competition is a feature of many industries, and so is the HDI PCB manufacturing industry. The following helps to clarify this fact better.

3.1 Five Forces Analysis

Developed by Michael Porter, the Five Forces Analysis is an analytical tool that allows organisations to understand matters to do with competition across their respective industries. The five forces are competitive rivalry, supplier power, buyer power, threats of substitution, and threats of new entrants.

In terms of HDI PCBs business, industries operating here have to apply Porter’s five forces to ensure that their profitability isn’t eroded.

A pictorial representation of Porter's Five Force Analysis
Figure 2. A pictorial representation of Porter's Five Force Analysis.

3.2 Competitive factors

These are factors that can profoundly influence the competitive nature or position of a company in a given market or industry, and such factors are present in the context of HDI PCB manufacturing industry. Some of them include the threat of new entrants and the bargaining power of suppliers and buyers, among others.

4: Global Market Size and Forecast of HDI PCB, Layer by Layer ($1 Billion)

As mentioned earlier, there seems to be no reverse gear when it comes to the global market demand for s. Below is a slight breakdown of some of them.

4.1 Type

4.1.1 8-10 layers

Unlike HDI PCBs with 4-6 layers, HDI PCBs with increased layers (8-10) have attracted a lot of market demand for their use in a large number of components such as smartphones. Looking at their demand on a global scale, they currently stand at around 14%.

4.1.2 12th floor and above

HDI PCBs 12th floor and above have got one of the most impressive demands in the globe. Based on surveys and market analysis that has been carried out before indicate that by the year 2023, demand for such HDI PCBs will increase exponentially based on their ability to deliver high performance despite their small size.

4.2 Application ($1 Billion)

Based on matters to do with the application, there are many trends or changes that are expected to be witnessed, especially during the forecast period.

Below is a breakdown of what is expected to be observed globally in terms of HDI PCBs market.

A picture graph representing the rising trends in the Global HDI Printed Circuit Board Market
Figure 3. A picture graph representing the rising trends in the Global HDI
Printed Circuit Board Market.

4.2.1 Smartphones and Laptops

Globally, the usage of smartphones and tablets seems to be increasing with every passing day. For instance, in a country such as China, more than 500 million people own smartphones and tablets.

The above reports and statistics tell us that smartphones and laptops demand for HDI PCBs are expected to lead in 2019 to 2025.

A picture of a person using a smartphone which is a typical HDI PCB device
Figure 4. A picture of a person using a smartphone which is a typical HDI PCB device.

4.2.2 Smart wearable devices

Wearable devices are gaining ground, albeit slowly as one of the most widely accepted devices by plenty of individuals across the globe. Look at the current market trends, wearable devices seem to be on high demand, and demand for HDI PCBs is growing.

4.2.3 Other

Other minor segments and sectors such as the medical field are also bound to show a demand for HDI PCBs during the forecast period. As technology continues to advance, plenty of sectors seem to be embracing it in a bid aimed at ensuring that they stay relevant.

4.3 End-Use ($1 Billion)

Based on end-use, here is a breakdown of what is expected to happen across several segments found here.

4.3.1 Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are some of the most purchased equipment on the globe. Almost every family can find these devices. With that, this segment is expected to account for the largest share of HDI market in the forecasted years.

A printer which is a consumer electronic that uses HDI PCB
Figure 5. A printer which is a consumer electronic that uses HDI PCB.

4.3.2 Industrial Electronics

The globe is lately witnessing massive industrialisation like never before, especially across developing countries. With countries struggling to industrialise, the demand for HDI PCBs is also poised to increase to cater to such demands.

4.3.3 IT and Telecommunications

IT and Telecommunication are one of the most important sectors of a given country. Based on the predictions already made, IT and Telecommunications sector will also hold one of the largest shares of HDI market.

4.3.4 Car

Cars are turning out to be a vital component in people's lives as they help different access places with ease. Currently, there are millions of car owners across the globe with a lot more poised to become car owners soon. It is the reason as to why the car or automotive sector is poised to witness the second-highest CAGR in the HDI market based on forecasts.

5: OurPCB Strategic Development

5.1 Business Overview

Founded way back in 2005, OurPCB is one of the most professional and experienced PCB manufacturing and assembling plant in China.

Our capabilities encompass UL processing and standard assembly that incorporates three high speeds.

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5.2 Products and services

OurPCB offers a  wide range of products and services that include:

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On a global scale, there seems to be an increase in the desire for energy-efficient, smaller, and high-performance PCBs. Coupled with this is that HDI PCB manufacturing remains to be one of the most profitable industries with the global. It makes part of the reason as to why a lot of companies and entrepreneurs opt for this business venture.

At OurPCB, we can build you just almost anything you desire. If you have questions or would need additional information, feel free to reach at your earliest convenience at 86-311-85981900 or email us at for more details.

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