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  1. Len Sherman EDN The June 23, 1988 issue of EDN included a Maxim Design News insert where we asked Who in their right mind would choose a computer interface standard that uses 12 V supplies, requires expensive connectors, works over a limited ...
  2. By Masayuki Nakagawa, Maxim Integrated Application Note 5346 Abstract: This article discusses the requirements and design considerations for automotive applications, including those for engine control, infotainment, and body electronics. It also ...
    Automotive · Power » Maxim » MAX16833, MAX16946, MAX16948, MAX20003
  3. Aubrey Kagan Embedded After my previous review of more traditional ways of reducing the I/O lines needed to drive LEDs/displays and keyboards/switches, here I'm looking at the nominally new method of Charlieplexing. Back in about 1982, I was ...
  4. Stephanie Overhoff, Maxim Integrated Products Today’s communication systems like wireless base stations make strong demands on receiver sensitivity and large- signal performance. This article focuses on mixers, and describes key mixer ...
    RF · Wireless » Maxim » MAX2029
  5. Universal input (90VAC to 265VAC) lets the MAX16841 LED dimmer operate with international dimmer models, which saves design time and costs. Maxim has announced the MAX16841 , an offline LED driver that provides flicker-free dimming from maximum ...
    Electronic components · Supply · Light · Power » Maxim » MAX16841
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