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Articles: Discretes

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  1. Michael Dunn EDN There was a time when it wasn't so rare to discover an unusual, scope-like object in an electronics lab. This was the curve tracer, able to display detailed characteristic curves of many components. Early models displayed ...
  2. Freelance Staff Electronic Design Even though gallium-nitride transistors are becoming a more popular solution in terms of power switching, the venerable MOSFET still can be used effectively in current applications. In the wake of gallium-nitride ...
    Discretes · Power » Texas Instruments » UCC27201A
  3. Glen Chenier EDN The other day Linda from Purchasing came to me with a problem: Lou from Operations needed to source a replacement for a shorted diode on a switching power supply. The darned thing was marked with a strange part number that no ...
    Discretes · Measurement » Vishay » 1N4002, 1N4148, MUR880, UF4004
  4. Lou Frenzel Electronic Design Now another major vacuum tube product seems poised to fade away: the microwave oven Vacuum tubes disappeared from electronic products years ago. Yet there have been some lingering vacuum tube-based products in ...
    RF · Discretes » Freescale » MHT1003N, MHT1002N
  5. Resettable Circuit Protection for High-Rate-Discharge Li-ion Battery Applications The rapidly expanding market for high-rate-discharge lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries used in applications such as cordless power tools, e-bikes and back-up power ...

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