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  1. Mark Hastings, Cypress Semiconductor EE Times To make the best decision as to what will work best for your project, you need to understand how different MCU vendors implement internal programmable logic In the last 25 years, the internal ...
  2. By Ali Zeeshan, NXP Semiconductors EEWeb Many of today’s portable systems combine devices that work at different operating voltages. Unidirectional voltage translators, which shift the voltage level up or down, can help these various devices ...
    Logic » NXP » 74AUP1G07
  3. Michael Lyons, NXP Semiconductor In designs that use LEDs, shifter registers can be very useful. For instance, if the system includes a seven-segment display, a single indicator, or an array of LEDs that form a grid or panel, a standard 8-bit shift ...
    Logic · Light » NPIC6C595, NPIC6C596, NPIC6C596A, NPIC6C4894
  4. Richard F. Zarr, Texas Instruments Electronic Design Quantum cellular automate (QCA) shows great promise in succeeding CMOS for logic used to fabricate digital integrated circuits. By 2025, it may be the primary means used to fabricate the engines ...

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