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  1. Shyam Sunder Tiwari Electronic Design Designers seeking a quick and easy frequency source often use a relaxation oscillator (Fig. 1) based on digital gates such as the 74HC14 inverter with hysteresis. The oscillator is also useful in sensor signal ...
  2. 6 applications utilizing thermally based circuits are detailed. Included are a 50 MHz RMS to DC converter, and anemometer, a liquid flow meter and others. A general discussion of thermodynamic considerations involved in circuitry is also presented.
  3. Steve Taranovich EDN When EDN published its first issue in 1956, electrical measuring instruments looked a little different than they do today. Howard Skolnik, a former colleague and key analog mentor from my Burr-Brown days, has always had a ...
  4. Bob Sheehan Electronic Design Ascertaining the relationship between bandwidth and response in power supplies isn’t easy, but this Idea for Design presents a measurement approach that helps ease the process. It’s normal to assume that ...
  5. Ian Beavers, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Question: I have heard that it is possible for a gyroscope heading to accumulate drift error over time. Can this happen in my IMU? Answer: A MEMS gyroscope, which measures angular rate, has several ...
  6. By Tom Lecklider Evaluation Engineering Most electronic engineers know that a transistor's base-emitter voltage (V BE ) has a temperature coefficient (TC) of about 2 mV/ C. However, for precision temperature sensors, about isn't good ...
  7. Michael Dunn EDN There was a time when it wasn't so rare to discover an unusual, scope-like object in an electronics lab. This was the curve tracer, able to display detailed characteristic curves of many components. Early models displayed ...
  8. KC Yang EDN High frequency Helmholtz coils are often used to generate uniform but time varying high frequency magnetic fields for a number of applications such as magnetic field susceptibility, calibration, and scientific experiment. A high ...
  9. By Gustavo Castro and Scott Hunt, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Instrumentation amplifiers (in-amps) can condition the electrical signals generated by sensors, allowing them to be digitized, stored, or used to control processes. The signal is ...
    Analogue Design · Measurement » Analog Devices » AD5601, AD7091, AD8237, AD8420, AD8505
  10. Glen Chenier EDN The other day Linda from Purchasing came to me with a problem: Lou from Operations needed to source a replacement for a shorted diode on a switching power supply. The darned thing was marked with a strange part number that no ...
    Discretes · Measurement » Vishay » 1N4002, 1N4148, MUR880, UF4004
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