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  1. John Betten, Texas Instruments EE Times Applications such as printers, laser-based fiber optic systems, and charged-particle air filtration systems require hundreds or even thousands of volts at low power. Flyback converters and autotransformer ...
    High Voltage · Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » LM3481, CSD19538Q3A
  2. Glen Brisebois, Linear Technology Design Note 533 Introduction Linear Technology’s Over-The-Top® op amps have an input stage topology that allows them to operate closed loop well above the positive supply rail. The inputs remain high ...
    Analogue Design · High Voltage · Measurement » Linear Technology » LT6015, LT6016, LT6017
  3. Part 1 ESD immunity The system-level ESD-immunity test simulates the ESD of a human onto an electronic component (Figure 7a). Electrostatic charge on a human can develop in low relative humidity, on low-conductivity carpets, and on vinyl garments. ...
  4. Dwight Byrd and Thomas Kugelstadt, Texas Instruments Different testing standartds for ESD exist, and which one you use affects your design challenge ESD (electrostatic discharge) the sudden and momentary electric current that flows between two ...

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