Smart Battery Charger Hardware Reference Design UCS1002

Microchip UCS1002

Application Note 25.5
November 2013
William Burdette

The UCS1002 has advanced USB Port Power / Battery Charging features that can be employed to create unique charging solutions. The objective of this application note is to describe a simple AC-DC charger that:

  • Detects when a portable device is plugged in.
  • Presents various charger emulation profiles to the portable device.
  • Charges the portable device.
  • Terminates charging at a specific current level and turns off VBUS to avoid over-charging.
  • Detects portable device removal and resets for the next portable device.

A secondary goal is describe how to minimize power consumption when there is no portable device plugged in and after charging is complete.

Download Application Note 25.5 (266 Kb)

Smart Charger Schematic
Smart Charger Schematic
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