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Electronic Breadboard Templates

Here is an electronic breadboard template I created. I went looking for an SVG file of a breadboard but the only breadboard template example I found didn't seem to be scaled in such a way as to be useful for actual layout diagrams. This is the horizontal reduced-size thumbnail view of my template:

Electronic Breadboard Templates

When printed at actual size the dimensions and layout of the holes on this template should be able to accept actual component leads.


From the original SVG I've also produced a PNG and PDF version, here are all the files:

Electronic breadboard template (SVG format--Inkscape dialect)
Electronic breadboard template (PNG format)
Electronic breadboard template (PDF format) Note: Your browser may not like trying to render many small circles.

These variations have Arduino Diecimila connectors on the page also:

Electronic breadboard template (SVG format)
Electronic breadboard template (PNG format)
Electronic breadboard template (PDF format) Note: Your browser probably won't render this correctly.

Electronic Breadboard Templates

Creating other board layouts

I used Inkscape to create the template—if your board has a slightly different layout (e.g. different power rails) you might want to modify the SVG file. The board is created as a layer with four sub-layers: board outline, holes, power rail indicator markings and a fix to an Inkscape PDF export bug. The fix is required because I use a clipping object in the board design.

The holes on the board are made up of clones of 5 x 5 sets of holes (themselves cloned from a single hole) so you should be able to make larger/smaller layouts relatively simply or even change the hole style.


I guess the simplest thing is to say these breadboard template files are in the Public Domain. If you happen to create any other "actual size" components (like the IC I created) to match I'd appreciate it if you could send them my way. :-)


Add numbering or other method of co-ordinate identification
TO DO: Create a web-service to generate SVG board templates in different sizes, styles and orientations.

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