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DIY Simple Green Laser Projector


Step 1

First, you will need a green laser. I recommend anything 125 mW and above. For this DIY (Do it yourself) I was sponsored with a Spartan 250 mW green laser. You also need a diffractive glass that will distribute the green laser beams. I was lucky that the Spartan comes with it. You could probably use those cheap diffractive glasses from 3D glasses too.

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homemade greenlasers project
Spartan 250 mW green laser DIY - How to Make a Simple Green Laser Projector

Second, you will need a plastic epoxy. (In the video, I say you need two but you just really need the plastic epoxy as it works really good for everything.)

plastic epoxy DIY Simple Green Laser Projector

Third, you need bunch of pipes. I went to home depot and got bunch of cheap galvanized pipes for about $10 total.

cheap galvanized pipes

Step 2

You need to drill a hole in the center of the diffractive glass, then epoxy it to the motor. Now, I accidently broke the glass and had to epoxy everything. Just make sure to use a real thin drill and go slow so you don’t make the same mistakes that I did. Then, also epoxy the bottom end of the motor to the 90 degree pipe arm. (Make sure to solder on 2 wires to the motor!) (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures while doing that…)

hole in the center of the diffractive glass

Step 3

Build your green laser projector using the pipes and pipe parts sorta like below. Put all the wires through the pipes so it comes out the other end. (Sorry again, I forgot to take pictures of this step.) Then assemble everything. You can fit the green laser through the T-pipe piece. (For the T-pipe piece, I used a bigger size then used electrical tape around the pipes to stabilize it.)

green laser projector using the pipes and pipe parts

Step 4

Now you have two wires coming out the other side of pipe. Simply connect that to a 1.5 V battery or you can use a DC adaptor.

Step 5

Once you get the motor running, simply align your green laser and there you go, a simple green laser projector.

DIY simple green laser projector

You should get nice set of two whirpools of green laser beams. Now, you could probably add another axis and another motor to get even better animated effects.

I plan to add a microcontroller like CUBLOC or Basic Stamp in the future. This DIY was made to experiment with the green laser, so don’t shoot me if it’s not super high tech. It’s supposed to be simple enough so any regular joe can make one. But I promise next time it will be more high tech.

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