8W Fluorescent lamp driver

Here is the schematic of a simple fluorescent lamp driver circuit based on two transistors. The circuit uses capacitive ballasting for driving the tube. An 8 W standard fluorescent tube can be efficiently driven using the circuit.

The two transistors (2SC1983) with associated components forms a oscillator around 1KHz. The oscillator is wired so that saturation condition of the transistors are prohibited. This adds on to the efficiency of the circuit. The circuit produces a clean sine wave with very less noise.

Circuit diagram with Parts list

8W Flouroscent lamp driver


  • Use a 12 V battery as the DC voltage source.
  • Use a 8W fluorescent lamp as load.
  • The winding details (no of turns) are given in the circuit. Use 0.8 mm dia enameled copper wire for primary and 0.4 mm dia enameled copper wire for secondary. The core can be a ferrite core. The primary should be wound first and secondary on top of it.


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