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  1. .. Clock Governor Drivers - These were common before the advent of quartz controlled stepping motor clocks HOME Here is ...
  3. .. months ago, I stumbled across an interesting article on about the possibility of an alarm clock in which the alarm only sounds when the user is actually lying in bed. The idea peaked my interest a bit. ...
  4. .. with some logic, put that needle in any angle you'd wish. Thinking in that direction, I soon got the idea of creating a clock in such a way: make a red, a green and a blue 'hand' and by lighting up the three dies of an RGB-led, you can ...
  5. .. flashing in different random-driven patterns, some includes variable intensity (12 channel PWM). Mount the LED's in a wall clock, or anywhere else! :) See it in action here: There is files for AT90S1200 and ATtiny2313 . Set the fuses to run ...
  6. .. or off buttons in my sleep. The problem was that alarms are too easy to turn off, and so I set forth to create an alarm clock that challenges me to prove that I am awake. How should it challenge me? Well, I'm from a math background, so ...
  7. An Arduino board, an Ethernet Shield, a Proto Shield, and 3 Analog Meters What time is it? It's 7:46:41 Well, at the time I took this picture it was.. A month or so ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the Arduino Board. It's an open-source ...
  8. .. I have a moon fixation? Well, I probably have - I suspect it's a feminine thing (Less of that!) What is described here is a clock with a single hand that indicates the current moon phase. It is based on a cheap clock as can be bought for ...
  9. .. LCD module with backlight, a weird 16 button keyboard, and a PIC16F877A microcontroller gathering dust? A monster Martian Clock immediately springs to mind. You are probably thinking There are hundreds of PIC clocks on the Net - do we need ...
  10. .. and can be implemented in a Microcontroller. Using the tuxgraphics ethernet board and a LCD display we build a nice clock which gets time and date via NTP. Just attach it to you DSL router! A NTP client So far we have only ...
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