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  1. Mark McLean To keep the lights on and the camera going I have a multi-purpose battery charger. This contains around 24 Wh of energy storage in eleven NiMh AA cells and circuitry to charge my laptop, satellite phone, mobile phone, camera battery and ...
  2. Tigrezno I'll show you how to recycle an old scanner into an amazing wind generator. You need it, clean energy! What you need: Old scanner Rectifier diodes (I used 8 1N4007 ) 1000 uF Capacity LM7805 (voltage regulator for 5 volts) PVC pipe (for ...
  3. Jaap Havinga This battery charger charges a NIMH 5-pack battery used in the BiPed robot in less than 1 hour, and charges the 10-pack NiCd used in the Snuf robot in about 30 minutes. To prevent overheating of the battery, the charging current is ...
  4. Though Skippy the Hamster powers this night light by running on his excercise wheel, the same concepts and low-rpm alternator design could be applied to a school science project using different energy sources! A small wind or hydro turbine could ...
  5. Envelope followers extract amplitude information from complex audio waveforms. The resulting dc voltage often drives nonlinear stages, such as voltage-controlled amplifiers or filters. You must make a careful trade-off between the speed of response ...
  6. Contemporary research laboratories include a variety of instruments that connect using any of several interface methods to a PC for automating procedures and collecting data. Although different communication interfaces exist, the GPIB ...
  7. The usual method for implementing the low-battery warning featured in most battery-operated equipment is to illuminate an LED. However, the LED exacerbates the low-battery condition. You can greatly reduce the LED's power consumption by operating ...
  8. Iron Cook Lithium batteries seem to be everywhere these days. We can find them in our cellphones, laptops, portable media players and etc. We all want to make our batteries last as long as possible, but some well intentioned advice from friends, ...
  9. When using rechargeable lithium-ion cells in large batteries, such as those in an electric vehicle, you encounter unique problems. Bus voltages greater than 100 V preclude the use of a standard IC for overcharge and overdischarge protection. In ...
  10. Many projects need a good clean +12 V at a couple of amps (like a small PC or a laptop) and although a car has a 12 V battery the actual voltage available is everything from 9 V to 16 V and there is plenty of dirt in the powerline as well, to to ...

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