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  1. Xarias is not utilizing OBD-II interface. All the data is read directly from the sensors (speed, rpm, fuel injectors, etc). Currently the following features are available: calculating speed, fuel consumption, engine RPM gathering numerous journey ...
  2. After seeing so many applications using acceleromters making a simple project of my own with this cool sensor just seemed natural. The main application of the accelerometer is either for sensing tilt or sensing acceleration. For this application A ...
  3. Embeded AVR system for your car, based on ATMega MCU. Calculates statistics and control your car. Widely known as carputer, this system is designed for: calculating speed, fuel consumption, economy driving, e.t.c. displaying information about ...
  4. Tony Sambuchi I recently purchased a new cell phone and wanted to play my MP3's in my truck. My truck has the factory radio in it and did not alow me to do this. I once used a FM linker to play my MP3's but found the music quality very poor. This ...
  5. Many projects need a good clean +12 V at a couple of amps (like a small PC or a laptop) and although a car has a 12 V battery the actual voltage available is everything from 9 V to 16 V and there is plenty of dirt in the powerline as well, to to ...
  6. The aim is to build a meter which measures the lateral acceleration force in car, also called g-force or centrifugal force. This is the force which pushes the driver or passenger to the left in a fast right hand turn. The force is normally ...
  7. Current version, in a cast aluminum junction box. This DC-DC converter is designed to accept a range of input voltages that are present in a car's electrical system, and provide a regulated 12 v output. Nominally, the battery voltage is about 13.8 ...
    Circuits » Automotive · Supply » UC3843
  8. Unusual Radar Detector - This unique anchient design uses a chopper amplifier HOME The microwave diodes are gated by a multivibrator so the unmodulated carrier can be detected. Here should be the picture of the antenna:     HOME
  9. Sample Rate Converter Project by Shawn Hunt This article appeared in the July 1996 issue of Recording Magazine. With the digital revolution in audio, it might seem like the good old days of building project circuits is gone. Sort of like the auto ...
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