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  1. Introduction Sometimes you only need a simple and cheap RS232 terminal to get sufficient control over a PC or a RS232 device. There is no need, no space or even no power to place a monitor, a computer case and a keyboard. Maybe there exists also ...
  2. Write Cycle This is the simplest bus cycle. Target devices detect the start of the bus cycle by the FRAME# is asserted at the second clock. At a bus cycle is initiated, the bus comand and the address is taken in to each target device attached to ...
  3. Introduction After the invention of hyperpaper, I began to scan my books. Soon I found out that what I expected was true -- It was awesomely BOREING! If this drudgery were to be automated! Scanning a book involves picking up the book from the ...
  4. Key-Glove Recipe Ingredients 21 Dritz nickel snap on 3/8 snaps from local fabric store ($ 5) 1 pair of black leather gloves from Wilson Leather ($ 20) 1 CompUSA 101 Key keyboard model #MKB931 ($ 15) 1 spool wire wrap wire from Radio Shack ($3) ...
  5. Does your finger get tired easily while playing video games? Ever wish you could pwn n00bs faster than the speed of light without ever breaking a sweat? This Instructable will show you how. Originally, I built this circuit specifically to make the ...
  6. This project shows you how to build a Wireless Accelerometer Mouse Pointer ( Look here ). I think in time these types of input devices will be in everything allowing for added functionality. I can think of lots of great applications on cell phones ...
  7. This Design Idea uses the FT232BM from Future Technology Devices International , a USB-to-UART interface IC that you need not program, to interface a USB port to the MIDI (musical-instrument-digital-interface) bus. The USB signals directly ...
  8. M. Batek Make a sound card is no more a complex issue. If you use great IC PCM2702 from BURR BROWN / Texas Instruments you can create a fully functional USB sound card. This sound card can be powered from USB port and has one stereo output. You ...
  9. Tillmann Steinbrecher CPU coolers have been getting more and more efficient over the last years. However, this higher performance usually has a price: More noise. Noise is annoing and reduces well-being and productivity - so why not do something ...
  10. Let's start with the picture frame itself. I desided to make a picture frame to support five small passport sized portraits. I made a base in hardwood with two long grooves in which some sheets of polycarbonate could be inserted. I used a metal ...
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