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  1. Circuit Note CN-0323 November 2013 The circuit provides a contactless, AMR (anisotropic magnetoresistive) angle measurement solution with 1 angular accuracy over a 180 range. The circuit is ideal for applications where high speed, accurate, ...
    Circuits » Measurement · Application Notes » Analog Devices » AD7866, AD8227, AD8615
  2. Dušan Ponikvar, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia EDN Often a measurement of weak signals has to be performed in the presence of strong interference from the ac power mains. If the interfering signal cannot be filtered out, then ...
  3. The Power Scope is a meter intended for use on a breadboard to aid in the development of battery-operated devices. It provides dedicated monitoring at the power source so you can quickly see the effects of circuit/software changes on power ...
  4. Raju Baddi, Индия EDN This Design describes a simple yet powerful handheld probe that you can use as both a logic probe and a pulse generator either individually or simultaneously. This feature makes the probe useful for testing DIP digital ICs, ...
  5. Martin Tomasz, Touchstone Semiconductor EDN You can extend the input common-mode voltage range of high accuracy current-sense amplifiers (CSAs) to hundreds of volts by adding a general-purpose dual op amp and a few discrete components. The accuracy ...
  6. By Don Nisbett, Analog Devices As a vital part of modern cars, wiring harnesses containing thousands of assembly components connect various electronic systems, enabling them to work together. A single failure in any harness can affect the entire ...
  7. Frequency meter with some of quite good performance, capable of measuring frequencies from 1Hz to 10MHz (9,999,999 Hz) with a resolution of 1 Hz over the entire range. Ideal for function generators or as a standalone meter. It is cheap and easy to ...
  8. Branislav Korenko and Marek Cerný, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia EDN This Design Idea was realized for voltage/current measurement on a four-channel analog voltage source but has wide use in many other applications. ...
  9. Ali Asgher Mansoor Habiby and Abdus Sami Abdul Qayyum, Sir Syed University, Karachi, Pakistan EDN When you go hiking or mountain biking, or simply take a long walk around the neighborhood, you might wonder about the distance you covered or specific ...
  10. Raju Baddi EDN Most PN-junction diodes can be used as photodiodes. While not optimized for this application, they do work. When the diode is reverse biased, it will produce a small photovoltaic output as the light level is increased. LEDs are ...

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