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  1. Vassilis Papanikolaou This is a new design of a tutorial board based on the popular PIC16F84A microcontroller. It features eight single leds, a 7-segment display, an LCD display and five push buttons. It is an ideal solution for the beginner to ...
  2. Matt Meerian The main idea behind this project was to make Christmas gifts for friends and family that would be somewhat useful. A clock was chosen simply because it is something that everyone uses and it would be relatively easy to complete. Also, ...
  3. Izhar Fareed Description This circuit is so sensitive it will detect mains hum. Simply move it across any wall and it will detect where the mains cable is located. It has a gain of about 200 × 200 × 200 = 8,000,000 and will also detect ...
  4. This tutorial shows you how to control 16 LEDs with just 3 control lines. We do this by daisy chaining 74HC595 shift registers The 74HC595 shift register has an 8 bit storage register and an 8 bit shift register. Data is written to the shift ...
  5. This amplifier circuit is used to amplify TV signals in UHF range. It uses a low-noise transistor and gives 10 to 15 dB amplification in the frequency range from 400 MHz to 850 MHz. The transistor must be shielded from the input components and in ...
  6. Use two ICs to produce both waveforms. Marián Stofka Test applications may call for a rectangular waveform having a precision duty cycle higher or lower than 50%. The circuit in Figure 1 is a free-running generator using just two ICs that ...
  7. by Chris Cox, N0UK, G4JEC I can't believe I never thought of this before! This simple modification is applicable to pretty much any 12 volt operated, positive earth equipment. It was described to me yesterday by Bruce, W9FZ, as a method that many ...
  8. Rajkumar Sharma This schematic is designed to operate with minimum of external components. This amplifier offers high quality performance at very low distortion. Project is based on National LM1875 IC. The IC is thermal and short circuit protected. ...
  9. Manolis Xenias This is a simple use of the PIC 16F84 about a diode tester. Test procedure : We set 1 to PB0 and 0 to PB3. If diode is ok and opens, then at PA0 we have 1 . If PA0 is 0 , then the the diode has problem. With the program we manage ...
  10. Circuit : Andy Collinson Description An electronic version of a chirping canary. May be used as an alarm, a sound effects generator or perhaps a replacement doorbell. Circuit Notes This circuit is a modified hartley oscillator with a couple of ...
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